Southern Roundtable White Papers

We are hosting a series of regional roundtables across the United States. The third of these was held at Duke Law School on November 1-2, 2019.

As part of these roundtables, we asked keynote speakers to prepare white papers on:

1. History of Latinos in the region

This white paper focuses on the history of the Latino presence in the Northeast. The white paper was written by Professor Perla Guerrero (University of Maryland).

2. Demographic profile of Latinos in the region

The demographic profile of Latinos in the Northeast provides a statistical snapshot of how the Latino population in the Midwest is faring with respect to immigration, educational access, economic participation, and political mobilization. Advisory council member Professors Douglas Massey and Amelie Constant authored this paper.

3. Key law and policy levers in the region

The law and policy white paper was prepared by Professor Luz Herrera (Texas A & M) and Dr. Pilar Hernández Escontrías (UC Irvine).  The published version of this paper can be accessed by clicking on this link: